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Bollywood Actresses in Bob Hairstyle

                Looks like the fashion of flowing long locks is on the downfall. First we saw Anamika with chopped hair and now Bollywood girls are following suit.  Changing hairstyles is a sure shot way to change your look. It is also said that a short haircut makes you look younger. Anybody can adopt a short hairstyle regardless of face shape. A few tweaks adjust the hair to any face.

               The latest on the block to get short haircut are two of our favourite actresses. Take a look at their new looks.

Anushka Sharma :


Anushka Sharma recently got her hair shortened but her new look for the movie PK is completely different.

She is sporting a very short bob hairstyle in the movie. Her forehead is covered with hair too. Even though she is wearing a wig, her hair looks all natural and beautiful. The colour suits her very well. The short hairstyle has brought all the focus to Anushka’s big, lovely eyes. I love her new look a lot.

Genelia D’souza :


Genelia D’souza got a bob haircut after her marriage and looked super cute.The hairstyle suits her so well.

Preity Zinta :


Preity Zinta can carry most hairstyles and this bob hairstyle was no exception.

It made her look way younger.

Priyanka Chopra :


Priyanka Chopra is the poster girl of changing hairstyles. She looks absolutely adorable and chic in this super short bob haircut.


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